“Be Still…”

The Lord instructs us to “Be still.” But certainly he didn’t have in mind the homeschool mother. Does he have any idea what it is to homeschool? I mean really now, who is going to take care of things while Mom is being still? But what if being still was the answer to feeling stressed … Read more

Child and Brain Development, with Kristina Herrera

Come join me in our newest episode of the Homeschool Conversations Podcast as I discuss child and brain development with educational expert Kristina Herrera.  Learn how to best help foster learning during those critical early childhood years.  Kristina is graciously giving out her email address so you can contact her if you have any questions.  … Read more

Homeschooling Through a Family Crisis, with Cara Rector

Life sometimes throws you curveballs! Join us a we discuss how Cara Rector’s family homeschooled during a difficult pregnancy and what they learned as a result. Cara Rector is the mother of five wonderful daughters. She has been guiding the homeschool efforts of her family since 2010, and she herself is the product of homeschooling … Read more

Understanding Homeschooling Philosophies, with Dana Wood

There are a number of different approaches to homeschooling curriculums and understanding the basics can save you a lot of time, money and effort as you try to select the best curriculum for your family. Join us as we introduce each of the different approaches and talk briefly about its applications, pros and cons. Dana … Read more

Homeschool: The Reality, with Jen Altman

Join us as we discuss the expectations verses the reality of beginning to homeschool and all of the lessons we have learned along the way. Jen Altman is a mother of five and has always homeschooled her children, starting officially in 2011. She has a Master of Science degree in education, with a focus on … Read more