Why YOU Can Homeschool and How to Get Started

Do you ever doubt your ability to be an effective homeschool parent? Are you so concerned or overwhelmed that you’re not even sure you want to try it? Have you started homeschooling your children but you’re still wondering if you’re doing too much . . . or too little?!? Don’t worry anymore! True principles are … Read more

Homeschool or Public School: Is That the Question?

As parents, we have the right, responsibility, and position of greatest insight to help our kids gain the best education possible. This course will show how to choose your path with confidence, without fear of either side. We will walk through our own “hybrid homeschooler” experience and share the positive impact of both homeschool and … Read more

Hidden Earthquakes in a Shaky World

The adversary has been trying to thwart the Plan of Salvation since its inception, yet we discuss very little of how the adversary seeks to do this. Learn how the adversary tries to shake us and the principles of withstanding these temptations. Dr. Travis G. Parry is a sought after public speaker. He’s earned several … Read more


One of the questions you might be asked as a homeschool parent is “What about socialization?” Learn what socialization really is, how to answer questions about socialization, and why you don’t have to worry about socializing your child. Ariel Rodriguez received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in family science from BYU. He then attended Utah … Read more

Art is for Everyone, Including Parents!

Art enriches lives and is for everyone. This hands-on art lesson is for parents. Art can open your eyes to beauty, history, creativity and more! Kari Brimhall has taught art for years and is a docent at Virginia’s Chrysler Museum of Art. Come learn how to jump into a painting; secrets to enjoying an art … Read more

Taking Charge of Your Own Education and Loving It!

Have you ever wanted to learn something but didn’t have the time? Have you ever felt “forced” to learn things that you have zero interest in? Or, have you ever felt that you just don’t want to learn anything at all? In this class, we will explore ways that will help you lead out in … Read more

Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Other Reading Struggles

Does your child struggle with seemingly easy tasks? There may be more going on than you realize. Dana and Tiffany have years of experience addressing the needs of children with dyslexia and dysgraphia. They will share with you an explanation for what is going on in the brain of a child with these challenges, as … Read more

Being Creators in a Consumption World

We live in a world of consumption where it is commonplace to sit and consume hours and hours of content (Netflix, video games, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) every single day. As a society, we are losing our ability to create and produce because of our tendency to consume. This class is not intended to teach … Read more