How You and Your Family Can Avoid and Overcome Addiction and Distraction1 min read

Come discover the subtle factors that are causing so much trouble in our families (this will surprise you), how can we prevent them, and how can we help our loved ones face, overcome, and then transcend destructive habits and addictions. We live in the age of distraction and addiction. There are powerful secrets that successful families are using to keep these things out of their homes and overcome them when they sneak in.

Greg Denning is a Total Transformation mentor, coach and trainer. He has been working with youth and families for the last 21 years on five different continents. He grew up in a broken home and ended up out on his own at sixteen. He studied voraciously to learn the principles and practices of those who live purposeful, meaningful, happy lives. Greg was determined to find the keys to success, build an epic life and then help others do the same. He and his wife Rachel now have seven children and have been traveling and living abroad with their family for the last decade. They are passionate about family, education, and adventure! They inspire and train ordinary families to live EXTRAORDINARY LIVES.