Approaching Divine Communication by Dismissing Disappointment1 min read

When we make mistakes, what are the parenting techniques that our Father in Heaven uses with us? How can we more closely align ourselves with the divine parenting pattern, especially when our children are making poor choices? Come explore how we can inspire our children rather than shutting them down with our words.

Kent and Amy Bowler are passionate about preserving and promoting family, freedom, and faith through better education. They have been homeschooling their seven children for 21 years. Four of their children are grown (two graduated from college, and two are currently pursuing their dreams). Kent and Amy seek to inspire their own children and grandchildren (three and counting…) as well as other youth and adults to become who they were born to be. They do this through their company, Revolutionary Heroes, as trainers for LEMI, and in their community and family. Kent received his MBA from BYU and is a successful entrepreneur, awesome dad, and avid cyclist. Amy also graduated from BYU and enjoys reading, mentoring, and playing games with her family. They are ever-grateful to the Lord for days full of learning, hard work, challenges, tears, and above all, lots of love and laughter.

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