Defending, Judging, Condemning: A Sacred Balance1 min read

I’ll use the Biblical story of the prodigal son to illustrate a deeply personal example of how I have faced that difficult task of using righteous judgment without rationalizing the unrighteous act of condemning others. This is not always an easy balance, but it is divinely mandated.

Jason Richardson was born in Ukiah, California, to a father who was an educator and a mother who was a bookkeeper. He served a mission in Venezuela and the Caribbean. He then attended four colleges over seven years to get a bachelor’s degree (and a whole lot of extra information). Jason was married in the Oakland California temple in 1997 to his sweetheart, Jasmin, who is much better-looking, organized, thoughtful, and artistic than he. Jason has been teaching professionally for over fifteen years in private, charter, and public schools. His six children have also attended a variety of school models. The eldest three have gone on to college, though not one graduated with an accredited high school diploma.
Jason is currently hired to educate a couple of students and to take them around the world to experience the places and cultures they study in class. He is also currently the mayor of his adopted hometown in Idaho. He looks forward to someday serving a dozen missions with his wife once they can manage to get the little ones off to college.