Socialization1 min read

One of the questions you might be asked as a homeschool parent is “What about socialization?” Learn what socialization really is, how to answer questions about socialization, and why you don’t have to worry about socializing your child.

Ariel Rodriguez received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in family science from BYU. He then attended Utah State University, where he received his Ph.D. in family and human development. Ariel has taught classes at BYU and USU as a graduate student, at Texas State University after graduation, and is currently an associate professor of family and child development at SVU. Ariel’s professional interests include fatherhood, parent education and marriage education. He is also a member of the LDS Marriage Network.

Ariel has conducted research on the influence of father involvement on marriage and children, a father’s adjustment to divorce, and family education and ethics. He is currently examining how gender is presented in marriage and family textbooks. An excellent speaker, Ariel has made numerous presentations regarding marriage and family relationships to churches, social service agencies and parent groups. He enjoys educating parents and families as much as he enjoys educating college students.

Ariel and Anne Benson Rodriguez have been married for 24 years and are the parents of three children, Nathanael, Sariah, and Hannah, whom they have homeschooled since day one. One of Ariel’s favorite homeschooling experiences was helping his wife teach their children the joy of reading. He remembers waking up one Saturday morning to find the house absolutely quiet… because all three children were totally absorbed by the books they were reading! And what did Dad do when he awoke to such idyllic circumstances? He went back to sleep – lucky guy!

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