Wrangling and Ruminating Rabbits: Our First Foray into Georgics1 min read

As it is my aspiration to become a homesteading family, I figured we should start by taking small steps to prepare ourselves for that lifestyle. So last year, we began raising meat rabbits. As a girl who grew up far from farmland and going through bouts of vegetarianism, there were a few {read: a lot of} learning curves, but I’m happy to report that we have come out of this year closer as a family and with a greater appreciation for Heavenly Father and His creations.

Come to this class prepared to think about the goals your family has for various nature-based projects. We will discuss strategies to overcome your hesitations, resources that are available to you, and the benefits of incorporating Georgic-based projects into your homeschool.

Chelsea Johnson and her husband Kirk live near Austin, Texas, with their four rabbits, three kids, two cats, and one dog. Subscribing to the philosophy that children learn best through play and casual interactions with other children, homeschool has been a natural fit! Chelsea is a birth-choice advocate, loves approaching everything in a holistic way, and aspires one day to have acreage and farm animals.