How Benjamin Franklin Changed the World! And You Can Too! – Youth podcast1 min read

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin came from a poor home, never finished his formal education, was duped into traveling to England and couldn’t get home, tried to steal his friend’s girlfriend, and almost got arrested? All true! What turned it all around for him? How did he go from a lost and confused young man to one of the greatest diplomats in world history? His book club.
Yep, it’s true—because of the book club he formed he gained the education; reading, thinking, writing, and speaking skills; relationships; and connections that changed his life. Come learn his amazing book discussion secrets that have the power to skyrocket your education and transform your life too!

Audrey Rindlisbacher is a mother of six who is passionate about motherhood, principles, self-education and life mission. Her path has led her through hundreds of the greatest works ever written, on to stages all over the country and into dozens of classrooms where she has shared the tools for principle-centered lifelong learning which lead to the discovery of life mission. Audrey has a classical liberal arts Bachelor’s Degree and is currently completing a Masters of Arts in Education. To learn more about how to build a more principle-centered home and help you and your family discover your own life missions, go to and get your FREE audio copy of Audrey’s book The Mission Driven Life!