Trust the Journey! The Unexpected Fruit1 min read

I have prepared to give this talk for twenty-six years! This year I get to graduate!!! My homeschooling journey with my six children is coming to a close. I love stories that give hope and that is why I am excited to share the Unexpected Fruits I found along the way. I started homeschooling with just three goals in mind. All of them have come to pass, with so many more unexpected blessings. Being able to look back on this awesome journey helps me to see that every moment was worth it! I will do my best to cast a vision of hope and encouragement with a vulnerable dose of laughter and tears.

Holly Tippetts and her husband James are the parents of six amazing children. They are finishing their 25th year of homeschooling in Holt, Missouri. Holly loves adventure and travel which is good because their family has moved eighteen times. She graduated from SUU with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts, and loves creating artwork that makes people happy. Her children say she is “unintentionally savage” because she is a bit sassy and direct at home. She has a huge love for learning and always has a stack of books being read at the same time. Her greatest joy and happiness is her family.