Strategies: What To Do When They’re Stuck1 min read

After teaching math at home, in classes, and in co-ops for many years, I’ve seen some pretty bad cases of “stuckness.” When the math anxiety kicks in, good clear thinking stops. But even in cases where there’s not a lot of anxiety, there can still be roadblocks. This class will focus on the critical points in a math education where many children begin to struggle. We will discuss how to diagnose whether the problem is anxiety or the lack of a specific thinking skill. And you’ll be given strategies to aid in problem-solving which apply to many kinds of situations in life, not just in math.

Jennifer Georgia believes that raising righteous, intelligent, freedom-loving children–and helping others do the same–is a powerful way of contributing to our society and our church. She views homeschooling as her life’s mission, and is now in her 26th year. She worked as an intensive care nurse for 20 years, but now has switched to doing “intensive mommying.” The Georgias have four kids in Team A, who were homeschooled since birth and are now all launched into college, missions, jobs, and/or marriage. They recently acquired Team B: three kids adopted from foster care, who, along with their 8-year-old bio son, are all now homeschooling.

Jennifer is the author of Magical Math: A Book for Young Children and Their Parents which is illustrated by Team A, and You Don’t Have to Be an Expert: Why Homeschooling Works. She blogs at Vision Academy Publishing.