First-aid for Your Homeschool Woes1 min read

Bring your toughest homeschool issues to this class and we’ll solve them, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle style. For the child who lags, she has the “won’t-get-it-done” cure. Does your child convince herself that some tasks are beyond her reach and impossibly hard? There’s a cure for that “might-as-well-give-up-now” mindset. Not only does Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle understand child psychology better than most professionals, she also understand the unique demands a homeschool mother faces. Feeling fatigued? There is a cure if you are “starting-every-day-empty.” Overwhelmed with curriculum decisions? Learn to filter out the unnecessary details with a custom pair of blinders. Practical advice delivered with humor means that this class will help you recognize simple strategies for shifting the homeschool attitudes in your home.

Rachel Spigarelli has homeschooled her six children from the beginning and is launching her oldest child this year. She enjoys teaching through real-life experiences and took her entire family on a three-month study abroad this past Fall. She loves to connect with other homeschoolers, and would be glad to meet you and hear your story.

This podcast is sponsored by The Mission Driven Mom.