How to Lead Dynamic Book Discussions–with ANY Age Group1 min read

As homeschooling parents, reading great books with our families is the backbone of our educational pursuits. Although reading them is critical, a quality discussion of them can be the catalyst for having those great books change us for the better. In fact, dynamic book discussions have the power to help you accomplish your deepest purposes as a homeschooling parent—to shape the characters of your children. With a few simple tools, you will know better what to look for in the books you’re reading, how to ask stellar questions and how to discuss their key ideas in meaningful ways. Join me to learn some of the best tools I’ve discovered in fifteen years of studying, practicing and teaching the skills of creating and leading transformational discussions!

Audrey Rindlisbacher is a mother of six who is passionate about motherhood, principles, self-education and life mission. Her path has led her through hundreds of the greatest works ever written, on to stages all over the country and into dozens of classrooms where she has shared the tools for principle-centered lifelong learning which lead to the discovery of life mission. Audrey has a classical liberal arts Bachelor’s Degree and is currently completing a Masters of Arts in Education. To learn more about how to build a more principle-centered home and help you and your family discover your own life missions, go to and get your FREE audio copy of Audrey’s book The Mission Driven Life!