Homeschooling After Public School1 min read

Are you getting ready to pull your kids out of school? Come hear how things went for our family when we decided public school wasn’t for us anymore and pulled our four kids out of elementary school, middle school, and high school. We had a lot of transitioning, some bumbling, some dashed expectations, a whole lot of blessings, and of course learning (but not the kind you might think).

Amy Palmer lives in northern Virginia with her husband and two of her four children while the oldest two continue their education at Brigham Young University. Amy attended BYU, where she met her husband and got her BS degree in civil engineering. She worked with a small engineering firm until her first child was born. She then enjoyed time as a stay-at-home mom with her growing family as they moved frequently and lived in different parts of the country. Finally ending up in Virginia in 2003, Amy enjoyed their fantastic location….and amazing school district. In 2014, looking at the homestretch of high school for her oldest son, Amy decided to take the leap into homeschooling. The whole family was miraculously on board with the idea, and they have been enjoying the time and learning and growing together ever since.