The Myths of Mental Illness: Understanding Depression, Anxiety, and Other Common Mental Illness1 min read

There are many misconceptions about what mental illness is, and what it isn’t. If we suspect that we or someone we love is living with a mental illness it is imperative that we understand the truth, know what to look for, and know what we can do to help.

Robert Mackay grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, served his Mission in Phoenix Arizona, and went to school in Utah. He graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and a Minor in Family Studies. He then continued his schooling at the same university to receive his Master’s Degree in Social Work. He has worked with LDS Family Services since 2007, starting in the Bountiful Utah Office, and now through the Virginia Office. He has been married to the girl of his dreams, Carrie, since 2003, and they have three wonderful children.