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Latter-day Saint Home Educators Podcasts are a great resource for your homeschool. A collection of interviews plus audio recordings from our live-stream webinars and face-to-face conference classes, there is something for everyone. 

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How You and Your Family Can Avoid and Overcome Addiction and Distraction

with Greg Denning

Come discover the subtle factors that are causing so much trouble in our families (this will surprise you), how can we prevent them, and how can we help our loved ones face, overcome, and then transcend destructive habits and addictions. We live in the age of distraction and addiction. There are powerful secrets that successful families are using to keep these things out of their homes and overcome them when they sneak in.

Your Most Important Resource

with Angela Baker

What have I learned from twenty-one years of homeschooling? Just this: the Spirit is my most important resource (and it’s free!). Repeatedly it has been the Spirit that has showed me how when I didn’t know how. It was the Spirit that turned obstacles into beautiful opportunities, tears into triumphs, exhaustion into exhilaration. Where I couldn’t see a way, the Spirit opened my eyes to ways I had never even considered. Over the years I have learned that this help is more readily available when I apply three principles, ask clear questions, and am willing to act on the impressions that come. I’d like to share these with you and show the impact they have had on me and my family. No matter where you are in your homeschool journey and no matter what you are struggling with, come. The Spirit has the answer for you.

Strengthening Your Marriage Through Homeschooling

with Dennis and LeeAnn Earl

If your homeschooling responsibilities seem more of a burden than a blessing to your marriage, this class title may sound counter intuitive. But in this class, we will explore the need to tend our marriages throughout the homeschooling years. Doing so will provide a proper foundation to build upon and a fountain of resources that will help us go the distance.

The Essential Homeschooler

with Rachel Spigarelli

An essential homeschooler knows she cannot fit it all in. She knows she has to make trade-offs and tough decisions. Instead of saying “yes” to people without really thinking, taking on too much and finding herself feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, an essential homeschooler chooses her commitments carefully. She feels in control, gets the right things done, and has joy in the journey.

This class applies the ideas of Essentialism: the Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown with thoughtful, homeschool-centric examples. As homeschoolers, there are far more activities and opportunities than we have time and resources to invest in. We need to pause and constantly ask, “Am I investing in the right activities for my family and their personal needs?” Come discuss empowering strategies that will allow you to become more focused and intentional in your choices and help you create the homeschooling experience you truly desire.

Fostering a Love of Reading

with Susan Van Cleave

We all dream of our children learning to read and growing to love books. There are things we can do to help this happen. For some children, reading comes easily; for others, it can be a struggle. Susan will discuss ways to make reading a part of your family culture so your children learn to read and love it.

Re-Ignite Your Light House

with Amy Palmer

Do you ever feel like you lamp is burning a bit dimmer and dimmer each day? Come get some ideas to jump start your spirituality and spiritual study time so that your light house can be the beacon that you want it to be in leading your family on the path of righteousness.

Approaching Diving Communication by Dismissing Disappointment

with Kent and Amy Bowler

When we make mistakes, what are the parenting techniques that our Father in Heaven uses with us? How can we more closely align ourselves with the divine parenting pattern, especially when our children are making poor choices? Come explore how we can inspire our children rather than shutting them down with our words.

Change Your Words, Change Your World

with Eric Richards

The Savior, just moments before His death, taught His disciples a secret to happiness and success; this single quality can become a world-changer. In fact, prophets and apostles have taught that if all followers of Christ could improve this one characteristic, peace and happiness would abound and the Gospel would spread like wildfire throughout the world. If you are struggling in any way with friends, co-workers, family, coaches, or even fellow Latter-day Saints, this fun and upbeat message is perfect to help learn principles that can mend bridges and build greater faith in our Savior Jesus Christ.

Dealing with Burnout

with Katie Tieken

Burnout can be a major factor in the life of every hard working, homeschooling mom. Join us as we discuss ways to avoid and address burnout with Personal Life Coach and podcaster Katie Tieken.

The Dory Principle

with Jennie Jones

Does your seven-year old step over his shoe, then look at you in frustration and say, “I can’t find my shoes”? Has your fourteen-year old lost the ability to focus and reason? We call this “The Dory Principle,” and there are many different phases along the way. Learn from a mom in the trenches how to recognize, navigate, survive, and love these times in your child’s life.

The Ins and Outs of Burning Out

with Jessica Croker

Homeschooling is not for sissies. Some may even say it takes super-human powers to get it “all” done. As homeschool moms, we often take on too much, wear ourselves too thin, and burn ourselves out. In this class, we’ll address what causes burn-out, how to avoid it, and how to pull yourself out if you need to. You’ll leave empowered with some actionable tools and insight into your own unique situation. Let’s make burn-out a thing of the past.

The Old Testament

with Mark Richins

Do you feel intimidated to teach the Old Testament to your family this year for Come Follow Me?  You are not alone! Listen in as we talk with Brother Mark Richins, the Seminaries and Institutes Coordinator for East Texas, as he introduces the Old Testament and  we discuss ways to approach it that are less scary!

The Road to College – A Parent’s Guide: Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me This Sooner

with Kari Brimhall

Looking ahead and having a master plan for the future should be at the top of your curriculum and life planning. Kari had an eye-opening experience jumping through the hoops of college applications with their first child. This is not a class on colleges or college application specifics, but how to prepare your child to be a shining college applicant. Preparing for college (both educationally and emotionally) starts long before your child’s senior year! **A must for parents of middle and high schoolers and anyone headed in that direction!

How do homeschool conferences–and particularly LDSHE Conferences–inspire and validate homeschool parents? What is the draw of LDHSE’s homeschool conferences? What causes people to gather from nearly 40 different states and provinces each May? What do they experience that is so valuable? Listen in as Jessica Croker, Tina Huntsman, and Keeley Berardi answer these questions. 
Is there someone who needs convincing? Have them listen to this!

LDSHE has blessed thousands of people in the past 15 years. What is the mission and the guiding philosophy behind it? Join Misty Foxley and Dana Wood as they discuss how this organization got its start.