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Latter-day Saint Home Educators Podcasts are a great resource for your homeschool. A collection of interviews plus audio recordings from our live-stream webinars and face-to-face conference classes, there is something for everyone. 

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Technology is a Great Servant, But a Terrible Master

with Brad Wilcox

Electronic tools can be a blessing, but only if we keep them in their place and not let them take over our lives. We never want them to get in the way of developing the communication skills and confidence to interact with people that will be so essential in the future. We never want them to get in the way of being able to recognize and respond to the Spirit. God doesn’t use email; he uses knee mail.

Adult Principles

with Audrey Rindlisbacher

Listen in as we discuss with guest Audrey Rindlisbacher what principles are, and how living true principles can bless your life

Teen Principles

with Audrey Rindlisbacher

Join us as we discuss with guest, Audrey Rindlisbacher, how discovering and living true principles can bless the lives of your teenagers, and learn more about the resources that the Mission Driven Mom provides for teens and families.

East Conference Family Retreat

with Bente Rodriguez

Join us for the newest edition of our Homeschool Conversations podcast as we get a behind the scenes peek of the 2021 Family Retreat with Bente Rodriguez, President of the Youth Conference.  Bente shares what this year’s planning process has been like, along with some of the things she is most excited about for this upcoming retreat.


New to Conference

with Alyson Redford

Listen in as Tiffany and Alyson discuss what to expect while attending an LDSHE conference, some reasons you should attend and how to get the most out of your conference experience.

A Joyful Mother

with Angela Baker

2008 LDSHE Conference

“Mom, you’re always stressed.” I stopped frantically chopping vegetables and looked across the counter at my 13-year-old daughter. “I’m not stressed, at least not always,” I replied. But her comment had pierced my reality. Was I stressed more often than not? This was a turning point for me. Are you feeling stressed and burned out? Would you like to put the JOY back into your mothering and teaching? YOU CAN! Stress is just a symptom—a misperception. It means we are not seeing things quite right. Mothering and homeschooling can be joyful. Come discover how to get the JOY back when you’ve lost it (and we all lose it from time to time). Discover “The 7 Lenses for Finding Joy” and let joy be the legacy you pass on to your children.

“Be Still…”

with Angela Baker

2016 LDSHE West Conference

The Lord instructs us to “Be still.” But certainly he didn’t have in mind the homeschool mother. Does he have any idea what it is to homeschool? I mean really now, who is going to take care of things while Mom is being still?

But what if being still was the answer to feeling stressed and overwhelmed? What if being still took care of the fatigue and burn out and helped you get more accomplished? What if it eliminated the confusion and worry? What if instead of working longer, running faster, trying harder, getting up earlier, or going to bed later, you just sat still for a while…maybe a really long while?

Angela has a unique perspective on what it means to “Be still and know that I am God.” Two years ago she had a debilitating illness that put her in bed for three months. During her subsequent challenging 18-month recovery, she learned vital lessons about the renewing power of being still. In this workshop you will hear her story and find out how she continued to homeschool and hold her family together even through her illness. She will share with you six vital practices that will increase your capacity to be still and know God’s purposes. You will learn how to renew, regroup, and recharge. You will see why taking time for these actually increases your productivity and makes you a powerhouse homeschool mom. This workshop is for everyone—even dads—but especially for those who are feeling a bit rundown or burned out (which includes all of us at some point or another).

Child and Brain Development

with Kristina Herrera

Come join me in our newest episode of the Homeschool Conversations Podcast as I discuss child and brain development with educational expert Kristina Herrera.  Learn how to best help foster learning during those critical early childhood years.  Kristina is graciously giving out her email address so you can contact her if you have any questions.  She can be reached at [email protected]

Homeschooling Through a Family Crisis

with Cara Rector

Life sometimes throws you curveballs! Join us a we discuss how Cara Rector’s family homeschooled during a difficult pregnancy and what they learned as a result.

Making Homeschool Work for Your Family

with Alyson Redford

There is no one “correct” way to homeschool. Listen in as we talk about how to make your homeschool work for you family based on your priorities, needs and family circumstances, and how those things change over the years as the children grow and develop.

Understanding Homeschooling Philosophies

with Dana Wood

There are a number of different approaches to homeschooling curriculums and understanding the basics can save you a lot of time, money and effort as you try to select the best curriculum for your family. Join us as we introduce each of the different approaches and talk briefly about its applications, pros and cons.

Homeschooling While Running a Business

with Kami and Anita Huntzinger

Join us as we talk with sisters-in-law, Kami and Anita, as they describe their experiences of homeschooling their children while also running a small business

Homeschool: The Reality 

with Jen Altman

Join us as we talk about what our expectations were for our homeschools as we began and what the realities have been.

Why YOU Can Homeschool and How to Get Started,

By Audrey Rindlisbacher

2015 LDSHE-East Conference

Do you ever doubt your ability to be an effective homeschool parent? Are you so concerned or overwhelmed that you’re not even sure you want to try it? Have you started homeschooling your children but you’re still wondering if you’re doing too much . . . or too little?!?
Don’t worry anymore! True principles are the answer to success in any endeavor, and homeschooling is no different. Once you understand the foundational principles and learn the tools for getting your homeschool off to a great start, there’s no way you can fail!!

Homeschool or Public School: Is That the Question?, 
By Donna and Reece Nielson

2018 LDSHE-West Conference

As parents, we have the right, responsibility, and position of greatest insight to help our kids gain the best education possible. This course will show how to choose your path with confidence, without fear of either side. We will walk through our own “hybrid homeschooler” experience and share the positive impact of both homeschool and public school.

Socialization, by Ariel Rodriguez

2017 LDSHE-East Conference

One of the questions you might be asked as a homeschool parent is “What about socialization?” Learn what socialization really is, how to answer questions about socialization, and why you don’t have to worry about socializing your child.

Politics and the Media: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, by Bay Buchanan

2019 LDSHE-East Youth Conference

The current political environment is toxic, but good people still need to be involved. It’s an experience that is enormously rewarding and painfully heartbreaking all at the same time. We’ll discuss “political correctness” and how to remain determined to express your beliefs in the midst of it. Stories from thirty years in the world of politics and the media.

How do homeschool conferences–and particularly LDSHE Conferences–inspire and validate homeschool parents? What is the draw of LDHSE’s homeschool conferences? What causes people to gather from nearly 40 different states and provinces each May? What do they experience that is so valuable? Listen in as Jessica Croker, Tina Huntsman, and Keeley Berardi answer these questions. 
Is there someone who needs convincing? Have them listen to this!

LDSHE has blessed thousands of people in the past 15 years. What is the mission and the guiding philosophy behind it? Join Misty Foxley and Dana Wood as they discuss how this organization got its start.