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Latter-day Saint Home Educators Podcasts are a great resource for your homeschool. A collection of interviews plus audio recordings from our live-stream webinars and face-to-face conference classes, there is something for everyone. 

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Homeschooling While Running a Business

with Kami and Anita Huntzinger

Join us as we talk with sisters-in-law, Kami and Anita, as they describe their experiences of homeschooling their children while also running a small business

Homeschool: The Reality 

with Jen Altman

Join us as we talk about what our expectations were for our homeschools as we began and what the realities have been.

Why YOU Can Homeschool and How to Get Started,

By Audrey Rindlisbacher

2015 LDSHE-East Conference

Do you ever doubt your ability to be an effective homeschool parent? Are you so concerned or overwhelmed that you’re not even sure you want to try it? Have you started homeschooling your children but you’re still wondering if you’re doing too much . . . or too little?!?
Don’t worry anymore! True principles are the answer to success in any endeavor, and homeschooling is no different. Once you understand the foundational principles and learn the tools for getting your homeschool off to a great start, there’s no way you can fail!!

Living Your Life Backwards: Setting and Achieving Realistic Righteous Goals,
By Dave Johnston

2019 LDSHE- West Youth Conference

To “endure” doesn’t mean to just “sit around and wait”. Whether you feel like “enduring” sounds forever away or like the biggest burden one can carry, in this class Brother Dave Johnston will help you find that balance between “Adventure is out there!”, “Never give up, never surrender”, and “I’ve mastered the ability of standing so incredibly still… that I become invisible to the eye”.

Homeschool or Public School: Is That the Question?, 
By Donna and Reece Nielson

2018 LDSHE-West Conference

As parents, we have the right, responsibility, and position of greatest insight to help our kids gain the best education possible. This course will show how to choose your path with confidence, without fear of either side. We will walk through our own “hybrid homeschooler” experience and share the positive impact of both homeschool and public school.

Defending, Judging, Condemning: A Sacred Balance,
By Jason Richardson

2017 LDSHE-West Youth Conference


I’ll use the Biblical story of the prodigal son to illustrate a deeply personal example of how I have faced that difficult task of using righteous judgment without rationalizing the unrighteous act of condemning others. This is not always an easy balance, but it is divinely mandated.

Understanding and Valuing Fatherhood: How Dads Bless the Lives of Sons and Daughters, by Dr. Ariel Rodriguez

2007 LDSHE Home Education Conference

Fathers make unique and important contributions to the development and education of their children. Brother Rodriguez shares research, strategies and principles that help fathers magnify their unique and important influence in the home and the homeschool. Dr. Rodriguez has a great deal of experience studying this subject and is a homeschool dad himself!

Raising a Sinless Generation: Turning the Hearts of the Children to the Lord, by Eric Richards

2020 LDSHE Webinar

Fear, worry, and anxiety can creep into our minds and into the lives of our youth. Come to learn gospel principles about how to combat negative thinking and to better obey the Savior’s command to “Fear Not” in a positive and happy message geared toward turning our children’s hearts to the Lord.

Hidden Earthquakes in a Shaky World, by Travis Parry

2020 LDSHE Webinar

The adversary has been trying to thwart the Plan of Salvation since its inception, yet we discuss very little of how the adversary seeks to do this. Learn how the adversary tries to shake us and the principles of withstanding these temptations.

Increment, by Rachel Spigarelli

2017 LDSHE-East Youth Conference

Consider small changes you can make that can boost energy, decrease fatigue, improve concentration, and deepen your focus. Discuss, with authentic responses from your fellow teens, habits about snacking, sleeping, physical activity, and internet use.

Socialization, by Ariel Rodriguez

2017 LDSHE-East Conference

One of the questions you might be asked as a homeschool parent is “What about socialization?” Learn what socialization really is, how to answer questions about socialization, and why you don’t have to worry about socializing your child.

Wrangling and Ruminating Rabbits: Our First Foray into Georgics, by Chelsea Johnson

2020 LDSHE Webinar

As it is my aspiration to become a homesteading family, I figured we should start by taking small steps to prepare ourselves for that lifestyle. So last year, we began raising meat rabbits. As a girl who grew up far from farmland and going through bouts of vegetarianism, there were a few {read: a lot of} learning curves, but I’m happy to report that we have come out of this year closer as a family and with a greater appreciation for Heavenly Father and His creations.

Come to this class prepared to think about the goals your family has for various nature-based projects. We will discuss strategies to overcome your hesitations, resources that are available to you, and the benefits of incorporating Georgic-based projects into your homeschool.

Art is for Everyone, Including Parents! by Kari Brimhall

2020 LDSHE Webinar

Art enriches lives and is for everyone. This hands-on art lesson is for parents. Art can open your eyes to beauty, history, creativity and more! Kari Brimhall has taught art for years and is a docent at Virginia’s Chrysler Museum of Art. Come learn how to jump into a painting; secrets to enjoying an art museum with kids (even if you don’t know much about art!); and how you can add art to your curriculum. She will also share her favorite art supplies. Then, we will make some art in class, no experience necessary!

Embrace the Inner Nerd, by Justin Young

2012 LDSHE Youth Conference

Do you ever feel trapped between being who you really are and who you want people to think you are? Thinking that its easier to “go with the flow” than to be singled out, made fun of, laughed at or mocked for being “different”? So you just go on pretending instead of living?

Join motivational speaker, singer/songwriter, actor and entertainment guru, Justin Young, as he takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride of crazy stories from his childhood and thought-provoking experiences that will help you understand that true beauty lies in what makes us different; inspire you to discover, create, and embrace who you really are; and empower you to be true that “Inner-you”… and release your “Inner-hero.”

Teen Mental Health 101, by Stacy Hawks

2018 LDSHE-East Conference

Join me for a crash course in mental health! What is normal development? When should a parent be concerned about their child’s development? This class will give parents a basic understanding of mental health, the signs of anxiety, depression, addiction, suicidality, and what to do with it all once you know.

*Sensitive topics and direct discussion. Please preview before listening to this audio with children or youth.*

Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Other Reading Struggles, by Dana Wood and Tiffany Salter

2020 LDSHE Webinar

Does your child struggle with seemingly easy tasks? There may be more going on than you realize. Dana and Tiffany have years of experience addressing the needs of children with dyslexia and dysgraphia. They will share with you an explanation for what is going on in the brain of a child with these challenges, as well as providing practical ways to address, mitigate and maybe even overcome these learning disabilities.

Taking Charge of Your Own Education and Loving It! by Adelin Bates

2020 LDSHE Webinar

Have you ever wanted to learn something but didn’t have the time? Have you ever felt “forced” to learn things that you have zero interest in? Or, have you ever felt that you just don’t want to learn anything at all? In this class, we will explore ways that will help you lead out in your own education so that it is custom fit for you. We will also unlock the secret to “learning to love to learn” any subject – even those you are “forced” to study and hold little interest for you.

How Benjamin Franklin Changed the World! And You Can Too! by Audrey Rindlisbacher

2015 LDSHE-West Youth Conference

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin came from a poor home, never finished his formal education, was duped into traveling to England and couldn’t get home, tried to steal his friend’s girlfriend, and almost got arrested? All true! What turned it all around for him? How did he go from a lost and confused young man to one of the greatest diplomats in world history? His book club.
Yep, it’s true—because of the book club he formed he gained the education; reading, thinking, writing, and speaking skills; relationships; and connections that changed his life. Come learn his amazing book discussion secrets that have the power to skyrocket your education and transform your life too!

Managing Conflict, by LeeAnn Earl

2018 LDSHE-East Conference

Do you often struggle with conflict and hurt feelings in your home? Are you tired of all the skirmishes, squabbles, and squeaky wheels? Managing conflict from day to day, whether great or small, can be exhausting. Conflict will never leave us, as it plays a key role in our existence. Managing conflict and teaching our children do the same is critical to a happy life. So, how do we manage it in a way that will produce the great peace that the Lord promises us? This class will focus on these topics.

Seek Scientific Knowledge by Study and Also by Faith, by David Handy

2020 LDSHE Webinar

Brother Handy cuts through the confusion and shows the clear connection between science and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Using examples from the Brethren and his own experiences, he shows that the Lord wants us to succeed in science and will help us to do so. Good science and bad science will be compared and contrasted, to help you avoid being deceived. Strengthen your faith, broaden your horizons, boost your ambition, and develop even more gratitude for all that God has given us.

Being Creators in a Consumption World, by Nephi Zufelt

2020 LDSHE Webinar

We live in a world of consumption where it is commonplace to sit and consume hours and hours of content (Netflix, video games, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) every single day. As a society, we are losing our ability to create and produce because of our tendency to consume. This class is not intended to teach you how to avoid consumption through screens and social media. Instead, we want to focus on teaching ways that you can change your usage of modern technology from consumption to creation. The tools we have been given are amazing, but we absolutely must use them to create and produce in lieu of using them as tools of consumption. We will discuss strategies to change our use of technology and introduce the production/consumption ratio.

Get Up! Morning Success Habits, by Eric Richards

2018 LDSHE-West Youth Conference

Come learn why morning habits matter and experience the power that comes from planning effective routines. In this upbeat class, you’ll learn principles of morning success and brainstorm with peers about a routine for yourself. Good morning habits can be a foundation for life-long success, peace, and happiness.

Help! I Don’t Know How to Teach That! by Dana Wood

2014 LDSHE Conference

Are you reluctant to teach your high school aged child because either you didn’t learn or don’t remember physics? Or writing? Or algebra? This class will give you the tools and resources you need to help your child learn what you don’t know with confidence.

Trust the Journey! The Unexpected Fruit, by Holly Tippetts

2020 LDSHE Webinar

I have prepared to give this talk for twenty-six years! This year I get to graduate!!! My homeschooling journey with my six children is coming to a close. I love stories that give hope and that is why I am excited to share the Unexpected Fruits I found along the way. I started homeschooling with just three goals in mind. All of them have come to pass, with so many more unexpected blessings. Being able to look back on this awesome journey helps me to see that every moment was worth it! I will do my best to cast a vision of hope and encouragement with a vulnerable dose of laughter and tears.

Strategies: What To Do When They’re Stuck, by Jennifer Georgia

2020 LDSHE Webinar

After teaching math at home, in classes, and in co-ops for many years, I’ve seen some pretty bad cases of “stuckness.” When the math anxiety kicks in, good clear thinking stops. But even in cases where there’s not a lot of anxiety, there can still be roadblocks. This class will focus on the critical points in a math education where many children begin to struggle. We will discuss how to diagnose whether the problem is anxiety or the lack of a specific thinking skill. And you’ll be given strategies to aid in problem-solving which apply to many kinds of situations in life, not just in math.

Against the Odds, by Jennie Jones

2019 LDSHE-East Youth Conference

In a world full of negative noise, emotions, and storms, learn how to navigate and intentionalize life while overcoming obstacles. In other words, “Live like your hair is on fire.”

Managing Life’s Transitions, by Yvonne Swinson

2014 LDSHE Conference

If only life never threw us a curveball! New baby, serious illness, divorce, moves, unemployment, taking care of elderly parents – or some combination of these and more – can seriously disrupt our schooling plans. Are you ready to pull your kids out of public school? Put them in school? Or just find a way to push through with adaptations in your current plan? This class will help you assess these bumps in the road and help you know how to not only survive, but thrive as you continue your journey.

The Kill Zone: Principles and Tools for Overcoming Our Personal Battles, by Justin Zufelt

2020 LDSHE Webinar

Life is full of amazing adventures and opportunities, but it also has disruptions like temptation, pornography, and addiction. In this class, we’ll discuss a military tactic called the Kill Zone that has been used throughout history, and which Satan also uses to try and enslave us, keeping us from reaching our full potential. We will learn exactly what this tactic looks like and how to escape its grasp using tools and principles that can be applied by every family. Avoiding disruptions and surviving the Kill Zone is the key to helping our children discover their strength and achieve their purpose!

First-aid for Your Homeschool Woes, by Rachel Spigarelli

2020 LDSHE Webinar

Bring your toughest homeschool issues to this class and we’ll solve them, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle style. For the child who lags, she has the “won’t-get-it-done” cure. Does your child convince herself that some tasks are beyond her reach and impossibly hard? There’s a cure for that “might-as-well-give-up-now” mindset. Not only does Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle understand child psychology better than most professionals, she also understand the unique demands a homeschool mother faces. Feeling fatigued? There is a cure if you are “starting-every-day-empty.” Overwhelmed with curriculum decisions? Learn to filter out the unnecessary details with a custom pair of blinders. Practical advice delivered with humor means that this class will help you recognize simple strategies for shifting the homeschool attitudes in your home.

Technology Is A Great Servant, But A Terrible Master, by Brad Wilcox

2009 LDSHE Youth Conference

Electronic tools can be a blessing, but only if we keep them in their place and not let them take over our lives. We never want them to get in the way of developing the communication skills and confidence to interact with people that will be so essential in the future. We never want them to get in the way of being able to recognize and respond to the Spirit. God doesn’t use email; he uses knee mail.

The Dory Principle, by Jennie Jones

2017 LDSHE-West Conference

Does your seven-year old step over his shoe, then look at you in frustration and say, “I can’t find my shoes”? Has your fourteen-year old lost the ability to focus and reason? We call this “The Dory Principle,” and there are many different phases along the way. Learn from a mom in the trenches how to recognize, navigate, survive, and love these times in your child’s life.

Eliminating Feelings of Guilt and Failure from Your Homeschool, by ToriAnn Perkey

2020 LDSHE Webinar

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been homeschooling for years, feelings of guilt and failure can easily overwhelm your homeschool. What’s a mama to do? Come learn how to banish the negative feelings that can suck the joy and delight out of your homeschooling.

Helping Your Children Become Self-Propelled, by JoAnn Toronto

2020 LDSHE Webinar

I will be sharing tools to help children have the knowledge on how to accomplish things themselves through sharing my experiences on learning from the good days and rough days. These tools will help children in areas of chores, habits, school work and other areas of being independent and self motivated!

Politics and the Media: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, by Bay Buchanan

2019 LDSHE-East Youth Conference

The current political environment is toxic, but good people still need to be involved. It’s an experience that is enormously rewarding and painfully heartbreaking all at the same time. We’ll discuss “political correctness” and how to remain determined to express your beliefs in the midst of it. Stories from thirty years in the world of politics and the media.

Inviting Christ into Our Homeschool, by Jenni Sheffield

2019 LDSHE-West Conference

The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ is the greatest tool Heavenly Father has given us to invite Christ into our homeschool. How can we engage our kids in this precious text? How do we get our kids to “cling to the iron rod?” How can we help them receive their own personal witness of Jesus Christ at home, independent of us, and prep them for a lifetime of faith? This class will answer these questions and more.

Homeschooling After Public School, by Amy Palmer

2020 LDSHE Webinar

Are you getting ready to pull your kids out of school? Come hear how things went for our family when we decided public school wasn’t for us anymore and pulled our four kids out of elementary school, middle school, and high school. We had a lot of transitioning, some bumbling, some dashed expectations, a whole lot of blessings, and of course learning (but not the kind you might think).

How to Lead Dynamic Book Discussions–with ANY Age Group, by Audrey Rindlisbacher

2020 LDSHE Webinar

As homeschooling parents, reading great books with our families is the backbone of our educational pursuits. Although reading them is critical, a quality discussion of them can be the catalyst for having those great books change us for the better. In fact, dynamic book discussions have the power to help you accomplish your deepest purposes as a homeschooling parent—to shape the characters of your children. With a few simple tools, you will know better what to look for in the books you’re reading, how to ask stellar questions and how to discuss their key ideas in meaningful ways. Join me to learn some of the best tools I’ve discovered in fifteen years of studying, practicing and teaching the skills of creating and leading transformational discussions!

We Seek After These Things, by Michael Ballam

2011 LDSHE-East Youth Conference

The children we teach and mentor are a special trust from God. Using the arts in our homeschools will build a child’s confidence and unlock a child’s mind, both academically and creatively.

The Myths of Mental Illness: Understanding Depression, Anxiety, and Other Common Mental Illness, by Robert Mackay

2015 LDSHE-East Conference

There are many misconceptions about what mental illness is, and what it isn’t. If we suspect that we or someone we love is living with a mental illness it is imperative that we understand the truth, know what to look for, and know what we can do to help.

Take Time to Breathe, by Jessica Croker

2020 LDSHE Webinar

“If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” This phase is so cliché because it’s true. As a homeschool mom, you give yourself a lot of hats to wear, you use your precious creativity and energy to see to it that your children’s needs are met, and you wouldn’t want it any other way! But— who sees to it that your needs are met?

Your energy is a precious resource. Let’s learn about managing it and multiplying it by finding pockets of stillness in your hectic days and tapping into your source of deep renewal so that you can give at your greatest capacity. Sometimes less is more. Your efforts are enough. You’ve got this, mama!

Ten Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started, by Cara Rector

2020 LDSHE Webinar

Getting started on your homeschooling journey can feel overwhelming. You may find yourself saying, “I don’t know what I don’t know.” Cara has gathered some helpful tools to help you on your journey.

Climb a Flippin’ Mountain, by Justin Young

2018 LDSHE-East Youth Conference

Who are you? Who do you want to be? And what does climbing a mountain have to do with it? If you’re ready for an unexpected journey of self-discovery, then this session is where you need to be. Through personal stories and individual/group exercises, you will learn how to remove all the labels applied to you, and you will be inspired to discover, accept, and create the real you. You will truly experience the power of this course if you come with an open and mature attitude, a respect for others, a sincere desire to know who you are, and a willingness to participate and to be honest with yourself. This session can change your life … if you allow it!

Every Child Deserves an IEP, by Rosanne Patterson

2016 LDSHE-East Conference 

IEP stands for Individualized Education Plan, and, in the public school setting, is used to meet the requirements of special needs students. But truly, every child could benefit from an Individualized Education Plan to meet his/her unique needs and interests! This class discusses the public school mentality of the standard list of required subjects, and the paradigm shift necessary to move away from that thinking. Instead we will focus on each child’s individual talents, interests, strengths, gifts, and mission in life, and how to go about discovering those qualities and then crafting a curriculum for the year, and over a number of years, to meet educational goals based on those criteria.

Refuge from the Storm: A Labor to Perform, by David Softley

2016 LDSHE Conference Opening Keynote

“Arise and shine forth, that thy light may be a standard for the nations; And that the gathering together upon the land of Zion, and upon her stakes, may be for a defense, and for a refuge from the storm…” Doctrine & Covenants 115: 5-6

Generations of prophets have looked to our day with eager—and anxious—anticipation. Though persecutions may rage and mobs may combine, we have the assurance that God is at the helm. Find refuge from the storm in the challenge to look up, lift up, and buckle up.

How do homeschool conferences–and particularly LDSHE Conferences–inspire and validate homeschool parents? What is the draw of LDHSE’s homeschool conferences? What causes people to gather from nearly 40 different states and provinces each May? What do they experience that is so valuable? Listen in as Jessica Croker, Tina Huntsman, and Keeley Berardi answer these questions. 
Is there someone who needs convincing? Have them listen to this!

LDSHE has blessed thousands of people in the past 15 years. What is the mission and the guiding philosophy behind it? Join Misty Foxley and Dana Wood as they discuss how this organization got its start.